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Friday, April 28, 2006

Figure Drawing Friday

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The circus is coming to town!

Circque is coming to Chicago in July, and you know I will be there! Corteo is the show traveling the US this year.

I would say if you haven't heard of Cirque you should check them out, but who has not heard of Cirque Du Soleil? So if you haven't then search them out and see a show!

I am going to Vegas in June and am seeing three shows.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just Ask!

I just hate it when people censor themselves and then sit back and watch as things pass them by all because they are afraid of NO!

People do not ask for things they want. Just ask! The worse thing that can happen is someone says no. But on the reverse side, you may find yourself in grad school meeting great people. Going to Hawaii in January. Or Vegas, or even China! You may get cool stuff all because of a simple and easy risk of just asking!

Yesterday after sending an email explaining a project I am working on with students where some money needs to be raised, I received one pledge of my department chair, and two other offers via email! Then when I got to school, four other people ponied up anywhere from $1 to $10! Nearly $400 raised just because I asked!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Fresh Talent

Strange Attractors is Ryan Pescatore Frisk and Catelijne van Middlekoop. They were just in Chicago for AIGA's annual Fresh Talent presentation.

They are a duo who met at Cranbrook and began their careers in Pontiac, MI. Now they are based in Amsterdam and doing work for Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo, Fontshop International and Studio Dumbar to name a few. They are imaginitive designers who have a strong foundation in typography and love exploring what can be done with it as a media to inform, illustrate and move.

They have recently redone their site and right now it is mostly under construction, but you can check it out here Strange Attractors


I felt I needed to post something today, but really had nothing to post other than a simple statement that has been running back and forth through me head the last couple days. So here it is.

When someone/people show you who they are, believe them. Even if they are drunk and claim not to remember. In Vino Veritas.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Concert Rating Game!

Saw Death Cab For Cutie last night. Franz Ferdinand opened for them. And The Cribs opened for Franz.

Can you match the ratings to the artsists?

Pretty good again
A wee bit depressing

Friday, April 14, 2006

Figure Drawing Friday

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Right Wrist

Here are the x-rays of my right wrist from Sunday. I'm just gonna say it.

Everything is normal. No breaks or fractures. Thus the diagnosis of tendonitis. My wrist is feeling much better too.

The doctor did notice one thing and you too can see it too in the second image from the left. Between the two bones you can see a bony protuberence. Could be the same type of protuberence mentioned September 3rd, benign exostoses, a simple outgrowth of bone which is harmless unless it gets in the way of something. And this does not seem to be interferring.

Of course with my knee, the doctor said it should not be a problem unless I start to feel pain which could indicate it either getting larger and pressing against a nerve in which case surgery would be needed. So when the doctor pointed this out, and the fear of carpal tunnel, I started thinking "CRAP! Surgery!" But as the pain has eased, and I can now write and eat with my right hand, it must have just been a bad round of the diagnosed tendonitis!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Sometimes the tendons become inflamed for a variety of reasons, and the action of pulling the muscle becomes irritating. If the normal smooth gliding motion of your tendon is impaired, the tendon will become inflamed and movement will become painful. This is called tendonitis, and literally means inflammation of the tendon.

I woke up yesterday not being able to use my right hand without pain. It is better today, thanks to a splint, heat and ibuprofen!

I am posting typing with my left hand, slowly but surely. Xrays will be shared when I can more efficiently work.

As for the daily postings, they may not happen as rest and not using my right hand is the primary remedy for the next couple days.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another joins the ugly brood!

Joining Ox and Ugly Dog comes Babo!

Babo will protect you. Having a bad day? Someone giving you a hard time? Babo's got your back.

What Babo lacks in mind power, he makes up for in love. He's everybody's best friend. He will stick with you to the end and when something scary happens, he will send you a nice greeting card from wherever it is he runs away to. A very curious, mischievous creature, Babo may need some guidance and parenting, so make sure to bring him with you to as many places as possible. Leaving him at home is fine, but please put all cookies and money on the highest shelf.

Thanks Lisa!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Figure Drawing Friday

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I had friends staying with me last weekend. I found out something about one of them, let's call her Misa Syan!

It seems she has sticky fingers. Not due to cotton candy or caramel apples. And to boot, she is totally unaware of it! She reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a piece of metal type, and asks "Is this yours?" The answer, YES!

Later she is looking through her purse, for something of hers I hope, and pulls out the cable to my iPod and a nail clipper, again she asks "Are these yours?" Again, YES!

So I guess her playing the borrowing game, taking something (my car pet, Silly Putty and fetish stone) from someone's home and mailing it back to them, was not a huge stretch. Don't get me started on the Apple Dumpling Gangs many failed attempts at taking stuff. Suffice it to say one of them was found dragging a dining room chair!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First taste

I have been waiting for the first blooms of spring for a bit, actually since the bulbs have broken ground! And here they are! They bloomed a couple of days ago.

Now, spring is officially here!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pet Peeves

Everyone has at least one.

Mine has always been, and still is, being on time. I will not keep you waiting. I will call if running late. Do not keep me waiting, it is rude. It says you do not value my time. It is controlling. YOUR schedule is more important than MINE and YOU will wait for ME!

But recently, I think I have another. It is people telling me how I feel. "You're in a bad mood." No, I am not. "Yes, you are." No I am not. "Why are you grumpy?" Because you are telling me I am! If I were, you would know, and I would tell you. You want to put me in a bad mood, just tell me and I will be!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hot time at Coldplay

From Chris Martin's early thanks of "Thanks for coming out to see a little band from England" to the dropping of huge yellow ballons filled with golden confetti, see photo lower left, all the way through all their hits even including Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, Coldplay was a great show this past Friday.

Chris Martin is Coldplay as he is seen and heard the whole show, though he never seems to steal the spotlight from his bandmates. I know that sounds weird but this is not the Chris Martin show as much as it could be. Martin's joyful ebullience showed as he spiritually leapt across the stage. The lights were great and filled with vivid colors and lasers.

The photo above is one of four that came out with a disposable camera! The others are of us at the show! You can see Chris Martin in the photo, he is circled in yellow!

Catch em when they come to a town near you!