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Monday, October 26, 2009

My future is bright!

Madame Ryan, that's righ! an Irish Gypsy gave me a virtual palm and tarot card reading!

Here is what she said!

I am reading your left hand as that is your passive hand.

Your hand shape is mixed, not quite square but not pointed or cone shaped either. A mixed shaped hand signifies a personality that contains creativity and practicality.It is an earth hand. How flexible is your thumb? The more flexible the thumb, the more easy going the person is (I have a fairly flexible thumb!).

Your life line is strong but breaks at the end to join with your destiny line. A break can indicate a change in lifestyle, an accident or illness. As your life line continues on strong though, you will overcome what ever that might be. The position of your line shows you have an expansive and giving nature.

Your heart line is long and curves upward. This suggests a warm hearted and affectionate nature in relationships. You have two lines coming off of your heart line. These indicate affairs of the heart. They are fairly far apart suggesting one earlier in life and one later in life. The one later in life is etched deeper so is stronger. Your heart line begins between your index and middle finger- you can tend to easily give your heart away.

Your head line and life line are joined together at the beginning, showing cautiousness and your mind ruling over your body. These lines do not stay entwined. The separation shows a love for adventure and enthusiasm for life.. So good things happen when you are a little less cautious.

Your destiny line is strong! It starts at your palm and rises to your index finger. It is intertwined with your life line at the beginning which indicates you knew early in life what your life's aspirations were. You are a self-made individual.
I see one marriage line - on your palm. I can't really see it too well in the scan to see if it has lines crossing it or if there are more than one. Your marriage line indicates a marriage or strong romance.

I did a one card reading for you. I like to pull one card from the deck in answer to a question. My question for you "what does Richard's future hold?" The tarot card answer

" The World' This is a great card. A robed figure commands the elements and forces of the universe. This card represents the completion of life's circle and mystical unity with the cosmos. the power of transcendence is within reach. You can attain worldly success and liberation through your vision.

SO.... strong lifeline, strong heart line, VERY strong destiny line and the tarot showing you the world. I would say you can easily bring forth what ever it is you want in life.

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