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Friday, May 30, 2008

FOOD! Glorious Food?

Pictured above are just a few of the treats available in China.

First experience was the street food at the Night Market in Beijing where you could find nearly everything on a stick! Dog, snake, silkworm, millipede and centipede, scorpion, squid, octopus, aged tofu, testicles from an assortment of animals. Of course you can find chicken and pork too.

I have also never eaten so much food served on the bone. Even the stir fry/sweet and sours they just chop the chicken up boine and all! And lots of heads. I aint a fan of meeting what I am eating, but they often serve up the dishes with the dearly departed and soon to be eaten staring up at you. And dumplings! Delicious little pouches of tasty morsels that are formed in the shape of their fillings!

The live fish stores have everything from diving water beetles to soft shell snapping turtles. Aligator, shark, crab, sea cucumber, urchin, and anything with fins. It is amazing!

Bon Apetit!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

China Photos!

Hong Kong Skyline from the Star Ferry

Alrighty! Flickr is much easier than I thought. I have a first batch of China pictures posted here.


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am back from China, well have been since Saturday afternoon!

Jet lag from the 14 hour flight pretty much sucks, but I am slowly getting back to a normal life and culling through hundreds of photos!

A sure highlight was walking the Great Wall of China. Not much of it as it is nearly 6,000 kilometers long across the country. But it is all you would imagine it being. Awe inspiring! Wondrous! Beautiful!

Had an amazing journey with coworkers, old freinds and lots of new ones. Will be sharing photos over the next couple weeks and as soon as I have more loaded up on Flickr, will share the link!

Until then. . .Ni Hau!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today I am heading to China, FINALLY! Although I actually cannot believe it is finally here!

So if you visit regularly, there will be a posting hiatus until I return on May 24 with a crap load of pictures I am sure!

Wish me safe travels and an amazing adventure!

Later. . .


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kill Your Babies!

Just got back from the New York Art Directors Club Student Portfolio Review where eight students from the school, Columbia College Chicago, showed their work.

I came away with a wonderful direct piece of advice for students. I always tell students that when they think they have the solution to do more work because the next batch of ideas will undoubtedly take them somewhere new.

Wayne Best of TAXI New York, chair of the Art Director day of the show, said it like this "Kill Your Babies!" In other words, when you get to that wonderfully precious solution you are in love with and do not want to do anything more because the "baby" may become jealous or obsolete, kill the baby! Self edit! Push YOURSELF!

Love it!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

She's Baaaaaack!

Nona, that is. The resident falcon that has been nesting at the Evanston Public Library. As you can see, she has four eggs to tend to this year. And you can watch and see her and her eggs here at the Library's FalconCam!

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