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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hannukah Loot '08

Damn if Lisa did not outdo herself this year!

SO many wonderful treats and gifts came my way in three different deliveries to boot!

Here is the inventory of this year's 8 Days of Hannukah!

Day 1 - Glass block light (made by Lisa!)
Day 2 - Cookie plate, hot chocolates and marshmallows from Baked (a New york fave)
Day 3 - Book: Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We make Things
Day 4 - Salt and Pepper shakers by Rita Botelho (Check her site out for some other really cool things), Muji New York handkerchief, donation to Heifer International
Day 5 - Do-It-Yourself Dunny and colored pencils (I think I am going to use it as a journal)
Day 6 - Sushi and Fortune cookie soaps (I seem to get soaps every year, you trying to tell me something?), Blueberry Hannukah Star candy
Day 7 - Gorgeous Helen Wine Glass Lampshades (find them at the MoMA gift store!)
Day 8 - Rug, lucky goldfish, stone candle holder

And from my side, Lisa got 12 Days of Ornaments!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Throwing Clay: Some results #16 - Slab Scapes!

Been busy making some holiday gifts but these just came out of the kiln today!

They are made on the slab roller, hence the name. And when glazed by pouring the glaze rather than dipping, they look like landscapes, again, hence the name!

They measure 12" x 4.75". The top one is glazed in glossy white, followed by glossy brown and matte blue. The bottom one is bobby green followed by temoku!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One last Equus post!

I have raved about the play enough. But failed to talk about the stage door!

After the show we did what all good tourists do. . .hung at the stage door for photo ops and autographs!

Richard Griffiths, Martin Dysart in the show, was first to come out. Thanks to long limbs, I managed to get his autograph on the playbill! WOO HOO!

Then there were several supporting characters including horses, who did not even stop to sign, they seemed just to walk out and into the city after their long day's work!

Of course the crowd only grew waiting for Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Strang in the play but best known as Harry Potter. The best I got of him was a picture of his back!

I was surprised that Kate Mulgrew, never seemed to come out. She may just be sleeping in the theatre!

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