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Monday, February 23, 2009

Next Stop. . .TOP CHEF!

But first moto!

At a weekend benefit I attended for AIDSCare, I won a day in the kitchen at one of the top restaurants in Chicago. . .moto!

From their website:
"Inventive. Innovative. Artistic. Imaginiative. Thought provoking. Futuristic. Inspired. All words to describe (Chef) Homaro Cantu's moto, an internationally recognized leader in the world of molecular gastronomy. A term with many interpretations, at moto molecular gastronomy is the application of both scientific and artistic principles in cuisine. Equal parts chef and inventor, Cantu challenges culinary convention and diners, stretching the boundaries of the former and taking the latter on a post-modern, interactive and fantastical gastronomical ride."

I am going to get to spend a day in the kitchen of moto working side by side with their team doing preparation for a Saturday evening service! And then I get to eat too!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

An early Happy Hearts Day!

Thought this was fun! Hope you do too!

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