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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ornament wires

I found a new use for those ornament hanger/wires.

I needed something that could hold my orchid's flower stem to a small stake for support. Twist ties are not so nice, string can rub the stem and damage it, and then I thought, ornament hangers! They are the perfect form, open ended so as not to constrict, flexible and easy to wrap around both plant and stake, and as easy to remove as to use!

And since they come in different sizes they fit many stems sizes.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


The cost of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is on the rise - again…up 3%!

Buying each item in the song just once - from a partridge in a pear tree to a dozen drummers drumming - will cost you $18,920, or 3.1 percent more than last year, according to PNC Financial Services Group.

The total cost of items gifted by a True Love who repeats all of the song's verses costs more than ever before - $75,122 - for all 364 items, up from $72,608 in 2005, a 3.5 percent increase.

"After years of stagnation, wages for skilled workers, including the song's dancers and musicians, have increased as the labor market has tightened," said Jeff Kleintop, chief investment strategist for PNC Wealth Management. "Also, a decline in the housing market has dampened demand for luxury goods, such as gold rings."

While prices for the partridge, two turtle doves, three French hens, six geese and seven swans remained the same as last year, higher wages made the lords a-leaping, ladies dancing and pipers piping costlier.

The nine ladies dancing earned $4,759, 4 percent more, according to Philadanco, the Philadelphia Dance Co. The lords a-leaping got a 3-percent pay raise, while the drummers drumming and pipers piping earned 3.4 percent more.

The maids a-milking, however, weren't as lucky. They make the federal minimum wage, which has been $5.15 per hour since 1997.

Each year, the Pittsburgh-based bank does a tongue-in-cheek tally of how much the swans, geese and drummers would cost if you purchased them at today's prices. PNC has been calculating the cost of Christmas since 1984.

For the price of buying all 364 items, you could get a brand new, fully-loaded special edition Hummer 2 sport utility vehicle, fully-loaded Cadillac XLR two-door roadster, a cruise around the world, a 5-carat diamond ring or top-of-the-line Cartier or Piaget watch.

Trying to find cheaper deals online won't help, either. The 364 items online would cost $125,767, including shipping costs, compared to $123,846 last year. You would spend $30,330 online for each item just once this year.

The nine ladies dancing are the costliest items on the list again, at $4,759. The seven swans a-singing cost $4,200. And a pear tree saw the biggest jump, going from $89.99 in 2005 to $129.99 this year.

The cheapest? As always, the partridge, still $15.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lump of coal

I know everybody got one, maybe even two? three? more?

I know I did! Fortunately, the gift return gods looked favorably down upon me and I was able to return most! Store Credit never looked so good!

So what did you get for Christmas that you are hoping to return or label REGIFT? Aint nothing wrong with regifting. Just think of it as your environmental responibility of recycling! Just remember who gave it to you! Regifting to the giver aint good.

This year I finally regifted something I received five years ago and was saving in my closet for just the right person!

I suppose while we are on the subject, what was the best gift you got and gave?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Moxy's got a lot of "moxy". She's a real get up and go Ugly, with far more energy than her older brother OX.

Moxy's favorite activity seems to be bouncing off the walls and jumping in and out of mischief.

Her giant antennas are always on the look out for a good time, and she can hear a party from miles away.

She could hear you coming from all the way back over there!

Are you a party animal? No? Would you like to take care of one? No? Well that's ok because Moxy is here to take care of you.

She can take care of pretty much any problem you may have...it's a gift of hers.

For example, see how messy your room is?

No problem! See? Moxy is on your side.

Monday, December 18, 2006

This week's featured animal: Pig

Pigs are big this year. With it being the year of the boar on the Chinese calendar, Charlotte's Web coming to a theatre near you this holiday season, why not buy a pig yourself for someone who could really use it. The ark is at 42% capacity or $2090!

You may be done with your holiday shopping but tax season is right around the corner and all contributions are fully tax deductible. Just think what your accountant will say when you tell him you want to deduct a pig from your taxes!

Keep passing the word around and to keep filling up the ark, you know what to do! Click here! 7 days left til Christmas.

Many thanks!

Holiday Hostess Cake 2006

What can you do with 8 Suzy Q's, 20 Twinkies, 6 Ding Dongs, 3 cans of Pillsbury Fudge Frosting and 12 handmade marzipan mushrooms?

A holiday Bouche De Noel!

Monday, December 11, 2006

This week's featured animal: Sheep

If you look at the Heifer International meter to the right, my initial $300 donation has grown into $1910! Thanks to so many people donating and passing the word along!

Since the last post. . . another flock of chicks, 1 more pig, Tree seedlings, and 2 baskets of hope (chickens and rabbits) have been added. 38% of the ark is full and there is so much room for more!

Keep passing the word around and to keep filling up the ark, you know what to do! Click here! 14 days left til Christmas.

Many thanks!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Today's featured animal: Goat

If you look at the Heifer International meter to the right, I would never imagine that in just under a week, my initial $300 donation would have grown into $1640! Thanks to so many people donating and passing the word along!

The ark is filling up quite nicely. The residents of the ark to date include: 2 water buffalo, 2 goats, 2 flock of ducks, 3 hives of bees, 2 Flock of Chicks, 2 flock of geese, 2 sheep, 1 llama, 1 pig, Tree seedlings, 2 trios of Rabbits.

Keep passing the word around and to keep filling up the ark, you know what to do! Click here!


Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day

Today, December 1, is World AIDS Day. The Heifer International Ark I am trying to buy this year is filling up better than I could expect thanks to so many generous people. As of today, the ark has 2 water buffalo, 2 goats, 1 flock of ducks, 2 hives of bees tree seedlings, 2 sheep and 1 llama.

I wanted to share this video from Heifer International because it shows perfectly how Heifer helps a world with AIDS. See other videos from Heifer here.

To help fill up my Heifer Ark, click here.